IZVESTIA NEWSPAPER: RUSSIA AND BELGIUM HAVE AGREED on cooperation it the field of small satellites design (Cubesat)


The Russian company Glavkosmos and the Moscow aviation Institute (MAI) have Agreed on cooperation it the field of small satellites design (Cubesat)with the Liege space centre (Belgium). This is stated on the website of a subsidiary of State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS.

“As part of the cooperation, experts from Belgium will develop an optical payload operating in the infrared range. Themission MAI mission will be the design, manufacture and ground testing of the small satellite platform. Glavkosmos will provide project coordination and small satellite launch on LV “Soyuz-2”, — stated in the message.

The trilateral meeting was held in MAI on April 10 within the framework of the Glavkosmos initiative on cooperation with the leading specialized universities of Russia in the field of advanced space technologies.

Source: Izvestia newspaper

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On July 15, 1975 Soyuz-19 spaceship was lifted aboard Soyuz-U launch vehicle. It was the first international space flight with the docking of Apollo, a US spaceship. The famous Soyuz-Apollo docking was a historical event and a symbol of rapprochement between the two superpowers in the period of détente during the long-lasting Cold War.
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On April 4, 2019, Glavkosmos JSC, under a contract with Arianespace, launched four communication satellites of O3b Networks, a subsidiary of Luxembourg-based satellite communications operator SES. The name O3b stands for “Other 3 billions”, which refers to the world's population, where broadband Internet is not available right now. Thanks to the O3b satellites, the Internet will come to them.
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Soyuz-2.1a became the first rocket launched from the new Russian space center Vostochny. The historical launch was conducted on April 28, 2016.