Glavkosmos (Joint Stock Company) is a subsidiary of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation. The key objectives of the company are the promotion of Russian space industry achievements in the world market and management of challenging space projects.

Milestones of development:

Glavkosmos USSR, a Main Department for Production and Use of Space Technology in National Economy and Scientific Research, was established as a division of the Ministry of Engineering of the USSR. Its priority was to find partners for the commercial use of rocket and space technologies.
The first commercial international projects
Glavkosmos was granted a legal entity status by the Decision of the USSR Council of Ministers.
Glavkosmos started coordination of international manned spaceflight projects.
By the Government Decision, Glavkosmos USSR was removed from the structure of the Ministry of Engineering and started to work on the cost accounting basis as a State Cost Accounting Company. Later it became a part of the State Defense Committee of the Russian Federation (1993), and Ministry of Defense Industry (1996).
Glavkosmos, a State Cost Accounting Company, was transformed into a Federal State Unitary Enterprise.
Glavkosmos, a Federal State Unitary Enterprise, was transformed into a Joint-Stock Company. New activities: marketing and coordination of the secondary payload launches; support of Roscosmos international activities.
Glavkosmos joined the Russia-Europe program “Soyuz at the Guiana Space Center” and became a Russian coordinator of Soyuz-ST-B international missions.
Glavkosmos was given the status of an official provider of Earth observation data from the Resurs-P and Kanopus-V Russian satellite constellations.
ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation granted Glavkosmos with the status of a commercial operator of Soyuz 2 launches from Vostochny, Baikonur, and Plesetsk Space Centers.

JSC “Glavkosmos” today’s tasks:

Coordination of the international projects of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation;
Coordination of Russian enterprises for Soyuz-ST-B commercial launches in the Guiana Space Center (South America, department of France);
Integrated solutions in creating satellite systems of various application;
Services for commercial launches of Soyuz-2 family launch vehicles are provided by daughter company GK Launch services
Engineering centre
Provision of Earth observation data from a Russian satellite constellation and services based on them
Projects in manned spaceflights;
Export of Russian space equipment;
Marketing research and analytics, training.