On 29-31 March 2018, Glavkosmos delegation visited Erevan, Armenia where they met with the top managers of Geokosmos company and took part in the 2nd International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies «ArmHiTec-2018».

On 30 March 2018, Geokosmos director general Gevorg Manukyan and Glavkosmos deputy director general Vitaly Safonov signed an agreement on cooperation.

The companies will collaborate in the following areas: upgrade of the Space Monitoring Center in Erevan, staff education and training, development and implementation of geo-information end services.

The signed agreement also provides for supply of space images made by the Russian Earth observation orbital constellation and Aist-2D satellite.

Geokosmos is a leading company in Armenia which deals with the products of space systems including receipt, processing, and application of Earth remote sensing data.