April 4, 2018

On 29-31 March 2018, Glavkosmos delegation visited Erevan, Armenia where they met with the top managers of Geokosmos company and took part in the 2ndInternational Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies «ArmHiTec-2018».

On 30 March 2018, Geokosmos director general Gevorg Manukyan and Glavkosmos deputy director general Vitaly Safonov signed an agreement on cooperation.

The companies will collaborate in the following areas: upgrade of the Space Monitoring Center in Erevan, staff education and training, development and implementation of geo-information end services.

The signed agreement also provides for supply of space images made by the Russian Earth observation orbital constellation and Aist-2D satellite.

Geokosmos is a leading company in Armenia which deals with the products of space systems including receipt, processing, and application of Earth remote sensing data.